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Door To Eternity provides you with...

...a rare viewpoint of end times prophecy explained by a normal everyday guy who guides you down a simple roadmap toward taking advantage of your eternal destiny.

You are standing at your door to eternity, so open it and join in.

Listen To Our 2022 Season's First Few Episodes

Welcome to the first few episodes of Door To Eternity with host Jesse Carter.

Episode #1

Welcome to the first episode of Door To Eternity with host Jesse Carter.

Find out what this podcast is all about and get to know the host a little better as you prepare to learn about your #1 priority in life... understanding and planning for the future life in eternity after this physical life on Earth.

Click on the Podcast Player to the left or Listen Here 

Episode #2

On today's episode with your host Jesse Carter, we will discuss what is the "key" that allows you to enter eternity. It's a simple explanation and will make sense when you understand what it is all about. Listen Here

Episode #3

Do you believe in eternity? There are some that say “death” is the only door leading to eternity. But have you ever heard anybody say that “life” is the better door. Listen Here

About Your Host

Jesse Carter is just a regular guy, like most of the listeners, who is on a journey to know about the afterlife... via the Door To Eternity. He is not a prophet... not a preacher... not a trained theologian... not anything clergy... but he is a scientist who is always looking for truthful answers and weighs them against what the Holy Scriptures reveal.

As an tireless investigator concerning all things of Bible prophecy, he has cut through the confusing aspects and conveys it to the normal everyday person who is searching for answers of where they are going when they leave this life on this Earth. Join in on the journey to explore these truths.

Why You Should Listen To This Podcast

If you are curious in any way about your eternal destiny, then you should regularly tune in.

Reason #1

You get solid information about end times events and how they fit in with the current times we live in leading to eternity. Some amount of speculative discernment will be applied during many discussions giving you some unique insight and perspectives.

Reason #2

You will discover what might be awaiting you when you leave this life and what it takes to reach it. No, this has nothing to do with some cult which might trick you. The truths are based from the Holy Scriptures which is the only reliable reference of what the afterlife will be like.

Reason #3

You will find how to lead your own life, out of the turmoil and many questions of "not knowing", into a confident stance of where your eternal destiny could lead.

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Why This Podcast Was Started

Are you curious about what your afterlife will be like?
Do you wonder whether you will end up in eternal bliss or eternal damnation for all of eternity?

Are you interested in knowing what God has revealed about the End Times?
Would you want to explore actual proofs of how to live your life in the present in preparation for entering your eternal home?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you will enjoy learning as you stand at the precipice to the Door To Eternity.

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''I've learned so much about the end time events and the world we are struggling to live in. The most exciting part is how my life will look like for all of eternity. I never knew some of the things I now know just by listening to the Door To Eternity podcast.''

Megan K.