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Bill Saver


Our newest Sponsor pays us for every bill that you, as one of our listeners and supporters, send in so that their trained cost reducing specialists negotiate on your behalf a better deal, with your service providers, ultimately saving you more money on your current Monthly Service Bills.

They've saved millions of dollars on:

This is the right time for you to start saving money while helping us.

If you're in need of saving more money, then don't pass this unique opportunity by. Look over this presentation and then go to the website shown below to get started. The trained cost-reducing specialists will then go to work for you to save you more money each month.

Smart Technology

Automatic Savings

Keep Your Provider

Free Service

This costs you nothing. You simply share the cost savings with our Sponsor who is working to assist you.

Trained Professionals

These cost-cutting specialists are trained to work with every service provider and know how to save you a lot of money.

Simple Process

Simply upload as many monthly service bills as you want to try and lower the cost of, potentially saving you hundreds.

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Upload as many monthly service bills that you want to try to save on.

Participants Save

On average participants save $900 - $1500 on bills. 

$15+ Million has already been saved for participants

Savings are split on a 50/50 basis with the participant and the Bill Payer Cost Reduction Team working on your behalf.

Types Of Bills

Cable TV



Pest Control


Satellite Radio



Water Delivery



No Cost To You

Millions of Americans are overpaying at $60 Billion per year.

There is No Cost to you.

The cost-reduction team works to achieve a cost savings from your current servicer provider direct for you.

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Commercial Businesses Welcomed Too.

Do you own a commercial business wanting to cut costs or do you know of a business that could use some cost cutting measures? If so, then be a hero and refer them here.

We have many services to choose from with the potential of bringing back in tens of thousands of dollars depending on the size of your business setting. 

Even Nonprofit locations like Churches, Synagogues, Charity Offices can benefit from this program.

Need an audit? An audit may be the best thing you can do right now to improve your bottom line. We can help with that. It costs you nothing to get us involved.

The utility company's position is that it is your responsibility to verify your own bills. We often hear "as long as it looks right, we pay them". Don't assume they have your best interest at heart, because your are vulnerable to their errors and overcharges.


A Few Clients Who Love What We've Done For Them.

Clients say only good words about the program.

Kyle Gafkin

  • David Joyce

    Ed Kinney

  • The Goal For You.

    Our Cost Reduction Company Sponsor offers this Bill Payer Program and will work hard on your behalf, both personal and for businesses, and it won't cost you anything to start.

    You and your family will be happy...

    Businesses will be happy...

    ...and you can begin to save money to pay down other bills or to pay toward a vacation or pay for that "special something" that you've been wanting.

    Simply get started to find out how much you can save. Please feel free to refer friends and family that you want to help out.

    Refer a Nonprofit Group here to help them raise funds.

    Start Saving Today

    Residential Clients Welcome


    Commercial Businesses Welcome

    Both Residential and Commercial follow the instructions as you go through the easy start process.

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